Oh my god! I'm so excited bro I just got my new Diamond Iceman bow this thing is a monster!

Discussion in 'Other Weapons' started by MichaelAnders, Jul 4, 2014.

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    Jul 2, 2014
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    I saw one just like this in a video game that is why I bought it, I had to have it! yes I'm a big fan of the Desolation Z games especially the modded pc versions I have played where you shoot the really big bows. I knew I was getting paid this week so I said forget it I'm going to blow some of my money on this Diamond Iceman bow and shoot the living crap out of things in my backyard for fun with my bros! I could really live and kill off of this bow considering the combat training I have learned over the years. shooting this bow is so easy and takes little effort, very easy on the hand. The recoil did not pose any problem to me whatsoever while I was shooting watermelons and my brothers old toys. The design feels so darn good! it feels like some of the smoothest wood you can run your hands through. It is easy to load and return fire quickly if you are good and expect the enemies reactions while shooting out of cover. At 70 pounds this bow draws back really sturdy I feel as if I'm a wilderness warrior full of confidence when I am readying my shot. Another thing I like is that when you are drawing the arrow it does not feel loose like some bows and feels like an extension of my body. With practice I will develop perfect accuracy standing still however I am really want to work on my running shots and popping out from behind cover, maybe some horizontal shots aswell. The hand shock when releasing the arrow is seemingly non existent! I love this.

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    I don't know much about bows, but it does look sexy. :D One day when I have all the guns I want, I'll have to pick up a compound bow.
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    Slick looking set up. Do you plan on doing any bow hunting with it?

    P.S. What is "Desolation Z"? Sounds interesting.

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