.22LR Gah, Mega-Gah!

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    So, me and the Mrs were up in the city today. We're expecting baby #2, so we were up there for that. Well, we needed to kill some time between visits and we went to Cabela's. Nice store with an amazing selection of equipment. My heart skipped a beat at the civvie legal Thompson, but I digress. Anyway, we can't find .22LR for love or money in our area, so we figured the big city would have it. Nope and I mean nope. Oh some calibers were there and reasonably priced (shotgun shells and, amazingly, 5.56mm) and others were there but the prices sucked (most pistol ammo). The lowly .22LR? Dream on, they didn't have it. Weird, very weird.

    Anyone else seeing this kind of thing? I figured it was a combo of living in a small rural area and the ammo shortage, but holy cow, if a big outfit like Cabela's can get it in, something is amiss. Either that or we hit it at just after they were picked clean, but that would be some crazy timing.

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